Your first meeting is crucial. Impressions are made, ideas are shared and designs begin to take shape. From there budgets are carefully devised, designs are refined and construction phase schedules are orchestrated. We do not have a sales staff and we don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need or don’t want. We certainly do not try to “sell” you on us.

We allow our reputation to speak for itself. We can work within any budget and viewing our work and talking to our clients will assure you that we are capable of doing what we promise. Building a rapport of trust early in this process goes a long way in building your dream project.

The most important meeting in the Pre-Construction phase is the meeting just before actual construction begins. Our focus at this meeting is for your household to run as smoothly as possible as the transformation of your home begins. Our goal is for you and your household members to continue daily life and routines with as little stress and disruption as possible. We gather and document your house rules, the daily schedules of family members, pets and house staff as well as routine delivers and share this vital information with our discreet and trustworthy staff.

Up to this point our focus has been to prepare for actual construction. Now we gather all details and organize our systems specific to your project. From this point on your living space begins to transform as we embark on creating your new project to reflect the home improvement you have been working towards. The bond is forged, the plans are laid and the construction is about to begin.